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Virtual Selling a new dawn arises in selling

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There are lot of things the pandemic taught us and the most important one was a paradigm shift in the approach to sales. While the economy nosedived during pandemic, virtual sales became the most dependable way to approach customers. The most creative sales professionals are taking advantage of this opportunity and proactively reaching out to their customers with solutions to their problems and not product pitches. They are demonstrating empathy by showing they relate to what their customers are going through. They are not wasting time by asking unnecessary questions or presenting solutions that are irrelevant right now.

As a sales professional, you have the skills and smarts to bring value to your customers right now to help them well into the future. The customer today is challenged with home-schooling their kids, working from home and dealing with change. Successful sales professionals today are coming up with solutions out of the blue that might help their customer solve their new problems. They are also proactively building alliances and new teams to come together to solve their customer's new challenges.

We feel Sales has always been about value creation, and since years have known about how the customer no longer needs salespeople who are not bringing them value. Customers can find whatever specs or features they need on the internet or on social media. Salespeople as walking brochures are no longer needed

Many great sales professionals will be made during this pandemic, and many lesser skilled ones will leave the industry. Which one will you be? Make this new sunrise the opportunity that will change your life and establish you once and for all as a world-class sales professional.

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